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Happy 47th Birthday to Lions Hall of Fame RB Barry Sanders

He was one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NFL. Hard to believe that he walked away from the game some 17 years ago, but for Barry Sanders, he is still remembered as one of the most hard to tackle backs in the history of the game. Sanders played his entire […]

A Barry Sanders Signed Silverdome Urinal Up for Sale

Have you ever dreamed about owning a urinal? How about a urinal from the old Pontiac Silverdome signed by Hall of Fame Lions running back Barry Sanders? The dream can now come true – but be prepared to pay a heavy price. ESPN writes today that Lions super fan Mike Kozan has the urinal up […]

A Moment to Look Back 20 Years; Playoff Wins, Barry Sanders and Mike Utley

I was eating lunch and doing my customary afternoon tour of all the sports sites I follow when I stumbled on an article about Mike Utley on  The article mentions that this year marked 20 years since Mike Utley’s tragic paralysis, and talks about the now universal thumbs up hand gesture that is almost […]

Sanders to Take the Place of Hank Williams Jr. on Monday Night Football Intro

Now that Hank Williams Jr. is off the Monday Night football intro, many fans are wondering what will replace him. For now, a preview segment will be shown before the kickoff, and the intro for Monday night’s Lions-Bears game at Ford Field will be narrated by Barry Sanders according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit […]

Sanders “Barrys” Emmitt in PFT Poll

The guys at Profootballtalk ran a poll for the last couple of days pitting Barry vs Emmitt, and as expected, Barry crushed Emmitt.  There was never a question who would win the poll, unless you are a Cowboy fan orfamily or friend(s) of Emmitt. Emmitt was a nice little running back, and he took care of […]

Barry Sanders Father, William, Passes Away

On of the many fascinating things about Barry Sanders was the stark contrast between himself and his father.  Barry was quiet and reserved and his father was boisterous and brash.  William never shied away from an interview and always provided valuable sound clips, especially when he introduced his son a the Pro Football Hall of […]

Former Coach Bobby Ross Takes a Shot at RB Sanders

Former Detroit Lions Head coach Bobby Ross says Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders avoided being the the leader of the team while he coached there.  Speaking at a recent awards dinner, Ross says he didn’t know if Sanders “really loved the game,” but he “worked hard at.”  He says he always wanted Sanders […]