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Patriots-Lions Fourth Quarter Thoughts

* Pats offense starting to wear down the Lions D a little bit, they need to step up and make a play here. * Big play again to Branch, this time for a score that gives the Pats a 31-24 lead after a 22-yard score. * Lions still hitting some plays, as Hill continues to […]

Patriots-Lions Third Quarter Thoughts

* Bad play by Hill on the pick, McCourty makes a play and the Pats do what they do best, convert it into 7 as the Pats and Lions are tied at 17. * Stefan Logan with a good return, 42 yards and the Lions start with good field position. * Hill needs to step […]

Patriots-Lions First Quarter Thoughts

* Was there ever any doubt that Tom Brady would play in this game? I didn’t think so. * Good start for the Lions, but only one first down and a punt. * Ndamukong Suh gets to Brady to end the Pats first drive, no question who will be the NFL Defensive Rookie of the […]

Lions vs. Patriots Preview

The Lions are as much a part of Thanksgiving as the turkey itself, and despite what some people say, they deserve to be.  Even though the team’s performance over the last several years has induced indigestion and heartburn, the Lions are improving and won’t stink forever.  The league wanted a team to host a Thanksgiving […]