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Three Questions About the Lions as Training Camp Gets Closer

After a 3-3 start to the 2018 season the Lions took on the look of a team that many fans have seen over and over. They had issues making big plays when needed, and the defense gave up critical plays to put the offense behind the 8-ball the rest of the way. The club wrapping […]

Video – Football Gameplan’s 2019 NFL Team Preview: Detroit Lions

– 4-Minute Offense: 00:44 – Positional Breakdown: 2:29 – Hunt’s Playbook: 8:39 – Fantasy Focus: 14:14 – Best Bets: 16:20 – Training Camp Quick Takes: 16:59 – Road to the Super Bowl: 20:39

Check Out the Madden 20 Rankings for All the Lions Players

Monday was a day that many gaming fans wait for each year, the day that the most popular sports series of all-time puts out their player rankings. That game of course is Madden football, and this year Madden 20 is once again going to be a game played by millions who are into the NFL […]

AP to the Lions? Makes sense!

Make no mistake, Adrian Peterson is a future Hall of Famer. He has made a career dominating defenses to the tune of 11,747 career rushing yards and 97 touchdowns. The lions have given up 1,490 of those yards and 11 touchdowns. All of this through 14 games spanning 8 seasons (minus any season Peterson was […]

What if the Lions Logo Was Made in the Likeness of President Elect Donald Trump?

Like it or not, next month Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States, and one thing that can’t be denied is it’s going to be an interesting four years in our country. There’s been plenty of fun poked at the President elect, and one site – Uproxx, has taken it upon […]

In Terms of Success – Lions Rank Next To Dead Last in the NFL in New Article

Mike Freeman, Lead NFL National Reporter for Bleacher Report, has written a long piece which talks about each and every NFL franchise, and their success. There’s a number of factors involved, including Super Bowl, Conference and division titles. The Lions didn’t get much love on the list, as according to Freeman, they are last in […]

Lions Fans: Bud Light Has Created a Can Just For You

With the football season set to kick off in only a few weeks, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is once again helping devout fans showcase their team pride by introducing all-new custom cans for its 27 NFL team partners, including ones for the Lions! The cans – which are available […]

Cooter Has Diversified the Lions’ Offensive Attack Since Taking Over as OC

Jim Bob Cooter’s appointment as Coordinator for the Lions couldn’t have come at a better time. After his appointment to the post, Cooter imported New Orleans Saints’ offense to Detroit and changed Lion’s gameplay for better. To crown it all, Cooter merged Lombardi’s old scheme with a couple of new elements he gathered from Denver […]