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Lions vs Vikings Preview

The Lions have spent the last several weeks ending streaks of futility, the division losing streak, the road losing streak and then starting a road winning streak. This week the Lions have the opportunity to beat the Vikings for the first time since 2007 and have their first four game winning streak since 1999. The […]

NFL Week Three Video Preview: Lions at Vikings

SportsGab Editor Matt Loede takes a look and previews this week three matchup between the Lions and Vikings in Minnesota.

When it Comes to Favre, Don’t Believe a Word

As all forms of media are more than amply covering, Brett Favre has “decided” to report to the Vikings and play in 2010.  As a non-Packer fan living in Wisconsin for my whole life, I have had an up close and personal view of Brett Favre without the Packer fan bias.  I will share with […]

Yet Another Article on Favre

As a die-hard Lions guy, I have avoided much of the speculation surrounding the drama that is Brett Favre. Will he come back? Will he retire (again)? Except for the fact that I think that my scrappy Leos will have a better chance against a non-Favre-helmed Viking team, I couldn’t care less. So when it […]

Favre Says He Wanted to Be a Lion Before the 08 Season

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre recently revealed that he was willing to be traded to the Detroit Lions, before being shipped to the New York Jets. Prior to the 2008 season Favre and the Packers were at a standstill. Both parties were being stubborn and neither appeared willing to back down to the other. In a […]